Thursday, November 10, 2016

Stop Telling Me to Get Over It

I thought I would have calmed down by now...that maybe my heart would stop aching and the sick feeling would go away, but it hasn't.

I have had 36 hours to process the future of America and it is looking quite dim.

Stop telling people to "get over it."  For eight years, people and politicians alike said that Obama wasn't their president and believed every little piece of bullshit spewed about him.  He was called racial slurs, he was insulted, but he has been the epitome of pure class. He helped millions of people get health insurance, even if the program has its flaws.  He killed bin Laden.  But this isn't about Barack Obama.

I have friends who are fearing for their lives and livelihoods over the next four years.  I have already read countless stories of racially or religiously charged violence that involved people saying "this is Trump's America" while committing the acts.  In December, the Electoral College will elect the least qualified candidate to ever run for President.  It's funny though, people claim to have voted for him because he's an "outsider," but re-elected many of the lobbyist purchased Washington insider members of Congress.

I read Trump's 100 days plan.  It shows more than anything that he has no idea how government works.  Starting with the non controversial - he wants a constitutional amendment for Congressional term limits.  Sure, this doesn't actually sound awful, but is anyone forgetting that Congress has to pass this? Why waste time, it's not even going to get to the states to be ratified, it will die on the floor of Congress.

Cutting taxes drastically sounds great for the people who have to pay them...but then what happens when the budget and finance committees in the Senate are trying to balance a budget.  What's getting cut? Who is going to suffer?

The Supreme Court will likely still be more liberal than it was a year ago...mostly because there are very few qualified candidates that are strict Constitutionalists in the way that Scalia was.  However, more justices will likely need to be named in the next four years.  The Court will spend time setting us back and taking away rights that they have already granted.  Overturning Roe v Wade would be a crisis of such great proportions.  I really don't give a shit if people think that I'm condoning "killing babies." Do a little research.  Most abortions occur in the first trimester; abortions for unwanted pregnancies typically happen even sooner.  There's a pill that can be taken in the first six weeks that terminates a pregnancy.  ABORTIONS DO NOT EXIST AFTER 24 WEEKS and those are even very rare.  There is no such thing as a nine month abortion; that's called a birth.  No one is sticking forceps in and pulling out baby parts, please get your information from science if you believe otherwise.

There are many people who voted for Trump out of a strong dislike of Secretary Clinton.  I am sick and tired of the Benghazi and e-mail buzzwords and that no one "trusts" her.  So instead, let's elect a bigot who has no idea how government runs and is putting the lives of marginalized Americans in danger.

So no, I won't just "get over it." This country is more divided than it has ever been and it's only going to get worse.  I just hope that there is a compassion for those who are in fear and that we can help them get through it.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Pharmacy Killer and the Death Penalty

I guess this is how I'm going to start this blog...I've had it for a while, but haven't posted anything.

The pharmacy killer hit pretty close to home, I guess that's why I've been obsessed with reading everything and anything about it.  My brother works with the mother and brother of one of the victims.  My family used Haven Drugs when I was a child and my pediatrician is right behind there.  I have friends who live near both Haven Drugs and Laffer's residence.  The crime was beyond heinous, as the news has said, it was a cold-blooded killing.  The victims didn't resist or put up a fight; he could have gotten the drugs and gotten out without harming anyone.  The man deserves to suffer...he should suffer like the families of those people.

Is the death penalty really making him suffer?  I get pretty annoyed when I see people calling for the death penalty.  I am against it completely; this is a civilized society.  I also think that the death penalty is a scapegoat.  "Oh just kill him, that's justice."  Is it really? 
Wouldn't he suffer more in solitary confinement for the rest of his life.  A lifetime in prison without parole.  He won't have access to drugs.  He won't have communication with the outside world.  He will be left there every day thinking about what he did and how he got there.  Whether or not he thinks he did anything wrong, it doesn't matter. 

The death penalty is an antiquated remedy.  It's barbaric.  It's also not a punishment.  They administer the lethal injection, it ends. He doesn't suffer.