Friday, June 24, 2011

The Pharmacy Killer and the Death Penalty

I guess this is how I'm going to start this blog...I've had it for a while, but haven't posted anything.

The pharmacy killer hit pretty close to home, I guess that's why I've been obsessed with reading everything and anything about it.  My brother works with the mother and brother of one of the victims.  My family used Haven Drugs when I was a child and my pediatrician is right behind there.  I have friends who live near both Haven Drugs and Laffer's residence.  The crime was beyond heinous, as the news has said, it was a cold-blooded killing.  The victims didn't resist or put up a fight; he could have gotten the drugs and gotten out without harming anyone.  The man deserves to suffer...he should suffer like the families of those people.

Is the death penalty really making him suffer?  I get pretty annoyed when I see people calling for the death penalty.  I am against it completely; this is a civilized society.  I also think that the death penalty is a scapegoat.  "Oh just kill him, that's justice."  Is it really? 
Wouldn't he suffer more in solitary confinement for the rest of his life.  A lifetime in prison without parole.  He won't have access to drugs.  He won't have communication with the outside world.  He will be left there every day thinking about what he did and how he got there.  Whether or not he thinks he did anything wrong, it doesn't matter. 

The death penalty is an antiquated remedy.  It's barbaric.  It's also not a punishment.  They administer the lethal injection, it ends. He doesn't suffer.

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